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Business Automation | Systems Integration

InboundMuse has been leading development teams and designing technical architectures for customers around the world since 2015.

We bring a variety of specialisations to the conversation from Digital Transformation and Business Modelling for software platforms to the deeply technical aspects of Web Development, Cloud Architecture and Machine Learning.

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The solution architecture and design process determines how to best design the solution, choosing the depth of the project, the schedule, the software, and any hardware integrations to best satisfy both project and business requirements.


We are AGILE. Distilling a design to code may be the most obvious part of Software Engineering, but not necessarily the largest portion. With an architecture in place, rapid iterations make sure your business is up and running from the start. Once baseline satisfaction is guaranteed, we go into overdrive to make sure our systems are self-improving, scalable and futureproof.


The most satisfying part of any project is launching a production-ready application into the wild for User adoption and growth. Here we support our clients with everything from SaaS pricing best practices to Cloud Hosting load balancing to ensure our Partner's success


With clients across the EU & USA, InboundMuse is the inspired, professional & reliable resource for any business that values Quality.


Since 2014 we have launched products and received awards both locally and abroad for our Innovations in ICT in our areas of Systems Integrations, A.I. & Data Analytics and Online Ad optimisation but don't just take our word for it, see what our Partners have to say about us.


Our Own Products

The heart of each of our products is a deep understanding of our customers' needs, hard-earned skills, and a daring attitude.

The understanding, technological edge & customer feedback has lead us, and our partners, towards constantly evolving and improving futures.



A.I. Enabled Online Ad Campaigns

Improving the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) on online advertising is all about taking emotion out of a data-driven equation.


Our A.I. solution designs a path of Data Science experiments to design the perfect ads for your campaigns.

Our proprietary product was part of the 2% success rate in H2020 in "Innovations in ICT" in 2017 and the recipient of multiple awards in 2015 & 2016. 

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Build a stronger brand with your own direct online-ordering system 

If you're in Hospitality you already know how crucial it is to maximize your margins. 

  • Restaurants can stop relying completely on aggregators & food portals.

  • Hotels introduce new touchpoints to improve guest relations, resolve issues quickly and promote undersold services.



Forex A.I. that plays the markets

Building on our experience in Blockchain and A.I., Pluto is an automated trading bot optimised for the crypto markets.



An eCommerce retail platform for growing businesses. Tailored bespoke to your needs.

Completely integrate your business processes seamlessly from end to end with intelligent automation tailored for your needs by experienced eCommerce professionals.

  • Client website and apps (Android & iOS)

  • POS integration with LightSpeed

  • Stock management

  • Customer analytics

  • Reporting & business intelligence

  • Marketing integrations

We even help our clients access government supports & grants for savings of over 50%.

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